Fire and Corrosion Resistant
Duct and Pipe Systems


The ATS Difference

ATS, Inc. produces fiberglass duct and fiberglass pipe for use in industries including semiconductor fume exhaust, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, silicon wafer, solar cell, picture tube, and flat panel industries. While we offer a wide array of products to meet your needs, we specialize in producing fire safe duct. ATS, Inc. has been serving the semiconductor industry since 1978.

ATS, Inc. was the first company to pass the Factory Mutual #4922 duct test—we obtained FM #4922 approval in 1981. Even before then, we were the first company to supply Fairchild with fire safe ducts in the late 1970s! We are the first company to test and pass the Factory Mutual #4910 test, obtaining FM #4910 approval in 1998.





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